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In our previous blogs, we have discussed about how to generate e-way bills, both individually as well as in bulk. One crucial observation regarding the e-way bill is, that the e-way bill is not valid for movement of goods, without a vehicle number on it. In case the suppliers or recipients are transporting the consignment of goods on their own via their own private vehicle or non-transporter vehicle, they themselves will fill the vehicle no. Else, if the suppliers are using the services of a transporter, they will need to provide the Transporter ID of the transporter. The transporter will then need to sign in to the e-way bill portal and update vehicle number in E-way Bill from his end.

However, there may be situations, where the vehicle might get changed. One reason could be that the transporter may be working with multiple vehicles working across different areas, and would have arranged for the consignment to be transited from one vehicle to another, as the goods pass from one area to another. Another more practical reason could be vehicle breakdown, in which case, the transporter will need to get hold of another vehicle to continue the transport of goods. In both cases, it is imperative that we update e-way bill with the right vehicle no., so that at any point in time, should the e-way bill be checked by any tax official, the vehicle no. should match with the vehicle carrying the consignment. This is precisely why, the provision has been kept for E-way bill updation with the vehicle no. any number of times.

In this blog, we will understand how to update vehicle number in EWB, to ensure a smooth transportation of goods.

How to update vehicle number in E-way Bill

    • Before going for updating the vehicle no., you should be ready with the e-way bill for which you want to update the vehicle no. and the new vehicle no. for data entry
    • Log on to
    • Enter your User Name and Password, then the Captcha Code, and then click “Login”, as shown in the picture below:

e-way bill-vehicle-1

    • On successful authentication of your credentials, the main menu of the e-way bill portal will open up as shown below:

e-way bill-vehicle-2

    • On the left hand side of the main menu of the e-way bill portal, click the option “E-way Bill”
    • Click the sub-option “Update Vehicle No.”


    • On doing so, you will see the following screen:


    • You can choose to see your e-way bills by either of the following 3 options, under the field “Show E-way Bill”:
      • E-Way Bill No.
      • Generated Date
      • Generator GSTIN
    • Based on the option you select, you will be asked to enter the e-way bill no. / generated date / generator GSTIN, which will fetch you the e-way bill of your choice, for which you want to update the vehicle no.
    • Once you have selected the e-way bill of your choice, for which you want to update the vehicle no., you will be redirected to the following form:


  • In the vehicle no. EWB updation form, based on the e-way bill you have selected, the following fields will be auto-populated:
    • From GSTIN & Place Information
    • To GSTIN & Place Information
  • The following fields will need to be filled in by you:
    • Mode of Transport (Road, Rail, Air OR Ship)
    • Enter Vehicle No. (If the mode of transportation is rail, air or ship, you need to enter the transporter document no., instead of the vehicle no.)
    • Enter From Place
    • Select From State (Select from the drop-down menu)
    • Select Reason (Select from the drop-down menu, the appropriate reason, which could be transhipment or vehicle breaking down)
    • Remarks

Once you have submitted the request for updating the vehicle no. the portal will validate the values entered by you. In case of any error, the appropriate error message will pop-up. If all is in order, the vehicle no. will be updated instantly, and will be aligned against the concerned e-way bill.

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