DSC stands for Digital Signature Certificate. Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) can be used to sign documents digitally. In India, DSC are issued by authorized certifying authorities. You can obtain a DSC from one of the authorized DSC-issuing certifying authorities, post which DSC Registration needs to be done at the portal. Note that the GST portal accepts only PAN based Class II and III DSC.

DSC Registration for user authentication is mandatory for companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP). All other registered persons can also use DSC to authenticate a user. Let us now understand how to register DSC in GST portal:

DSC Registration Process in GST Portal

        1. Login to the GST portal.
        2. Click on your user name on the top right section.


How to register DSC

        1. Click Register/Update DSC

DSC Register

        1. Attach your DSC dongle and open emSigner utility. In case you have not downloaded the emSigner utility, click ‘Click here for instructions on installing signer utility’.


DSC Registration

      1. A new page opens, from where you can download the utility, based on the Operating System you are using.
        DSC Registration Online
      2. The Register/Update DSC page will show a dropdown with the PAN of all the authorized signatories. Select your PAN from the dropdown.
      3. Click the checkbox to confirm that you have download and installed the emSigner utility. Click Proceed.
        How to Register DSC in GST
      4. Select the certificate and click the Sign
      5. How to Register DSC in GST Portal
      6. A message ‘Your DSC has been successfully registered’ is displayed.
      7. DSC-9

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