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In any business, there are multiple stakeholders who manage the day-to-day activities, pertaining to sales, purchases, operations etc. E-way bill is no exception. In certain cases, tax payers may need to generate the e-way bill from multiple places of businesses, or they may need to generate a huge number of e-way bills in different time shifts, or they may even need to generate a huge number of e-way bills at the same time – all of which will need extra resources to execute. Also, the question of data security and privacy is always a top concern for any business organisation, and it may be a natural ask to have some system to manage the various users who have access to the business system. This is why, the e-way bill portal has given the provision to businesses, under which they can create multiple e-way bill sub-users, assign them different roles and manage all sub-users who have access to the portal with ease. In this blog, we will explore how to create sub-users on the e-way bill portal.

How to manage e-way bill sub-users

In order to manage sub-users on the e-way bill portal, you need to follows the steps given below:

  • Log on to
  • Enter your User Name and Password, then the Captcha Code, and then click “Login”, as shown in the picture below:

sub users-1

  • On successful authentication of your credentials, the main menu of the e-way bill portal will open up. On the left hand side, click the option “User Management”, as shown below:

sub users-2

Within the “User Management” tab, multiple options pertaining to sub-users will be available. Using this tab, you will be able to tell the e-way portal the permissions you have set for each of your sub-users. You can in fact enable or disable your sub-users for the following tasks:

  • E-way Bill generation
  • Consolidated E-way Bill generation
  • E-way Bill rejection
  • Report generation
  • Updating masters

How to create e-way bill sub-users

The following are the steps for e-way bill sub-user creation:

  • On clicking “User Management” on the main menu, the following tabs will appear, in which you need to click on “Create Sub-User”

sub users-3

  • On doing so, the system will ask you to enter the mobile number and validate the same via OTP. Once the correct OTP is entered, the following screen is displayed:

sub users-4

  • In this form, you need to fill out the following fields:
    • Suffix Login ID (Enter a suffix of your choice, which you want to assign for a sub-user and then click “Check” to check for the availability of that particular suffix. If available, the system will accept the same, and the Login ID of the sub-user will be generated. The ID of the sub-user will be your login ID followed by the suffix provided by you. For e.g. if your username is ABC, and you provide a suffix for a sub-user as PQR, then the generated Login ID will be ABC_PQR)
    • Name of the User
    • Designation
    • Mobile
    • Email ID
    • Enable the user to generate E-way Bill for (Select “All Offices” or “Particular Office” as applicable)
    • Select Office (in case you have selected “Particular Office” in the previous field)
    • Enable E-way Bill generation (Select “Yes” or “No”)
    • Enable Consolidated E-way Bill generation (Select “Yes” or “No”)
    • Enable E-way Bill rejection (Select “Yes” or “No”)
    • Enable report generation (Select “Yes” or “No”)
    • Enable updating masters (Select “Yes” or “No”)
  • Click “Submit”
  • If the entered fields are incorrect, the system will pop-up an error else, if all is fine, the system will create a sub-user and send an SMS with password to the sub-user.

How to update e-way bill sub-users

The steps for e-way bill sub-user updation on the portal is exactly the same as creating sub-users. This feature may be used at times, when you would want to allocate additional responsibility, or revoke existing responsibility from a sub-user, in your organisation.

  • On clicking “User Management” on the main menu, the following tabs will appear, in which you need to click on “Update Sub-User”

sub users-5

  • The screen which emerges is exactly the same as described above. You will then be able to update any number of fields for a sub-user who is already created

In our next blog, we will discuss about how to freeze sub-users, for whom you want to revoke access, and also about how to change passwords, when required.

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